Raising Pigeons for Meat

Young pigeon for breeding squabsElegant restaurants serve Squab (young pigeon) to wealthy patrons, and charge a horrendous amount for the meal. On the opposite end of the spectrum, Pigeons helped many families make it through the Great Depression, because they could raise them at so little cost. The conditions that existed then which allowed them to do so no longer exist. So what is the truth about raising Squab in your back yard, or on a small farm?

Are pigeons for meat still a viable option? Absolutely! But you can't believe everything you read, because most of it is just repeats of the same old (often outdated) information, with no real thought or logic behind it.

It is possible. But you can't just do it like the feed companies tell you to. They'll make money, but you won't! You have to do it more creatively.

Pigeons are truly the "forgotten livestock", and could prove to be a serious help to many struggling families in the difficult times in which we live. Bringing them back as a viable part of a thriving farm, whether that farm is an Urban Microfarm, a Suburban Back Yard Farm, a Small Acreage, or a larger operation, may be as critical to us as it was to the families of the Great Depression, for whom Pigeon was the difference between hunger and abundance.



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